Would you like to eat Tuscan food in Florence? We are waiting for you at Garibardi's, authentic Tuscan cuisine, in the heart of Florence.

Trattoria da Garibardi where to eat the best tripe in Florence

We look forward to welcoming you to Trattoria da Garibardi: a true Tuscan fairy tale!”

In post-war Florence, the two young couple Giampaolo and Tina set up their business in the historic San Lorenzo Central Market selling raw and cooked vegetables. As time went by, the store became more and more rich in all the gastronomic specialties of Tuscany . At that point, the transition from selling to serving at the table all those delicacies became a completely natural transition…. And so Trattoria da Garibardi was born , named after the nickname of Giampaolo , as he was called at the Market because of his exuberant character!


Trattoria da Garibaldi’s Tripe is the best of traditional cuisine.

We care very much about this dish.
It is regional culture, ancient Tuscan flavor. It is peasant history and tradition that values the fifth quarter, that is, all those offal and waste parts neglected and forgotten by other cuisines.

Trattoria da Garibardi: icon of authentic, traditional, rural cuisine.

No, they are not nice cuts: ugly as they are good!

They are not the tenderloin, not everyone likes them. And that is precisely why they are specialties for our Trattoria: Are only for the few. For those few who want an authentic dish with strong flavors.

Trattoria da Garibardi makes Trippa alla Fiorentina, the tomato-red one, a flagship dish of our region and our city.

Only for real Tuscans!

Would you like to eat Tuscan food in Florence?

We are waiting for you at Garibardi’s, authentic Tuscan cuisine, in the heart of Florence