Trattoria da Garibardi: icon of authentic, traditional, rural cuisine

We look forward to welcoming you to Trattoria da Garibardi: a true Tuscan fairy tale!

In post-war Florence, the two young couple Giampaolo and Tina set up their business in the historic San Lorenzo Central Market selling raw and cooked vegetables. As time went by, the store became more and more rich in all the gastronomic specialties of Tuscany . At that point, the transition from selling to serving at the table all those delicacies became a completely natural transition…. And so Trattoria da Garibardi was born , named after the nickname of Giampaolo , as he was called at the Market because of his exuberant character!


The Steak must be tall, succulent: thinner than three fingers ” is carpaccio”!

Steak in Florence is art and pride, it is love, and passion, and vigor, like the fire of the grill.
True, steak is eaten all over the world, so what is it that makes our steak unique?
Nothing complicated, in fact, a few but unavoidable rules from which one cannot break, or else be singled out for public ridicule!

Steak, in Florence, is eaten pure. What does it mean?

No sauces, no pickling, because Fiorentina just wants salt, pepper and a drizzle of oil to taste.

The Fiorentina’s cut

The cut is obtained from the back of the tenderloin, where the ” T ” shaped bone divides the tenderloin from the sirloin. Not that the rest of the sirloin is not good, far from it, in fact there are those who prefer the part in the rib, but in the rib it is NOT FIORENTINE.

It must be cooked rare!

You can take the best meat, refrigerate it for as long as necessary , cut it right …… but if you make it ” well cooked” you will have ruined it irreparably!

Would you like to eat Tuscan food in Florence?

We are waiting for you at Garibardi’s, authentic Tuscan cuisine, in the heart of Florence

Piazza del Mercato Centrale, 38R – 50123
Florence center, zone San Lorenzo

Tel:055 212267

For more information, pleas visit our website but to check it out, come in person. We look forward to seeing you at Trattoria da Garibardi to have a laugh and a good steak together!